Abrasive media blasting and powder coating go hand in hand. The abrasive blasting process permits superior surface adhesion for the powder coating or any coating to adhere to. Proper surface preparation is critical for the success of every cleaning or coating process. Propelling abrasive particles at a surface is the fastest and most thorough means of cleaning, de-scaling, de-burring and removing oxides and other surface contaminants. This process works for awkward interiors, such as tanks, as well as large items not able to be chemically dipped.

Our primary media blasting abrasive is steel grit which is the most common and economical for the metal fabrication industry. Our blasting booth is 10′ x 10′ x 20′ long which can handle almost any project.

Old Dutchman’s Wrought Iron blasting services government agencies, contractors, engineering firms, property management companies, public utilities and institutional clients. Our fully trained abrasive blasters are equipped to get the job done quickly, effectively and at a minimum downtime & cost for our customers.